Hi, I‘m Agnes Aepli

Life Coach for women, trained secondary teacher, former barkeeper, world traveller and a free soul living her life the way she wants!

My path wasn’t always free and self-determined

Having grown up in a strictly religious family and spent my teenage years in monastery boarding schools, I found myself surrounded by toxic influences. People tried to impose their values on me and punished me for being authentic. The culmination of these pressures came when, at the age of 24, I collapsed after completing my teaching studies. I could no longer play a role that didn’t align with my true nature. It was time to discover who I really was, without the imposed dictates – time for my own authentic life. 

My transformation with coaching

During this phase of my life, I first encountered coaching, which significantly supported me alongside my personal processes. I freed myself from old wounds, learned to set boundaries, say “no,” and choose my own path, both professionally and personally. From this transformation emerged my coaching approach. I realized the importance of self-leadership, and I am grateful for the people who accompanied me on my journey.

Holistic approach

My coaching is shaped by this experience. I guide my clients empathetically through their own processes without making them dependent on me. Instead, I show them how to practice self-leadership in the long run. Every woman already carries the answers within herself, and I serve as a guide to help them discover their inner compass. Welcome to a journey of self-liberation, healing, and the exploration of your own authentic path. Let’s find the courage together to lead the life you truly desire.