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Radiate from Within: Release Blockages,
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Agnes Aepli - Coaching für spirituelle Frauen

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Agnes Aepli - Life coach

Hello and Welcome to Life Transformation Coaching

I am thrilled to accompany you on your transformational journey. In my coaching, the focus is on supporting you to make courageous changes in your life, so you can feel fulfilled from within and live life on your own terms.

My Heart-to-Heart Life Coaching program is designed to meet you where you are in life, providing the necessary support for you to take bold steps you may not have been able to take alone.

Through subconscious work, we'll address the blockages standing in your way and heal your past, empowering you to create the life you desire with a sense of freedom.

Perhaps you don't yet have a clear vision of what you could change or what a fulfilling life might look like for you. No worries! In coaching, we'll discover that together.

What my clients say:

Petra, Switzerland
Waitress and Healer 
I can wholeheartedly recommend the several-month coaching with Agnes. With great sensitivity, she meets you where you are and where you need support. She has a keen sense of where the real problem lies, even if you may not want to see it at the moment. It's worth taking a closer look because that's how healing can occur.
Andrea, Norway
Mom and teacher
The session with Agnes was wonderful. Through gentle impulses she helped me to find blockages/problems myself. This empowerment has strengthened my self-confidence to work more with myself. She supported me lovingly throughout the entire session and I felt seen as a woman. Thanks!
Marc, Switzerland
Sales Manager 
Agnes not only asks the right questions but also incredibly combines the present moment with the past. She has an incredible gift for filtering the causes of challenges and immediately turning them into solutions. It has immensely propelled us as a couple forward and deepened and strengthened our love.